We are Velour Fog – a Schwarzenegger of Hard Rock serving you an ass-whoopin of Stone Cold riffs and tasty licks, with a side of Rap Metal and Funk. We bring the Smackdown with our beats, and ball-dropping bass packaged into one badass show.



Taking elements of Hard Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, Grunge, and Nu-metal, our sound is a fusion of 90s and Y2K era bands, inspired by acts such as Rage Against The Machine, Guns N Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Van Halen, Alice in Chains, and Linkin Park… Velour Fog are Englands answer to a generation looking to have a good time through the power of rock.

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7 June 2024, Hotvox presents ‘Velour Fog’ @The Workshop, Shoreditch




27 June 2024 ‘Hot Vox presents ‘Velour Fog @ The Spice of Life, London




4 April 2024 – The Horn, Watford




24 March 2024 – Dublin Castle, Camden




8 May 2024 – The Horn, St Albans




11 June 2024- The Horn, St Albans





Jake Adams – Lead Guitar / Vocals

Jake Adams – Lead Guitar / Vocals

A rebel without a cause, known as the fastest gun in the West. A product of Y2K raised on a steady diet of Rock and Hip-Hop, lead to an unorthodox fusion of exotic rap delivery and adrenaline pumping vocals. The creative core of the band, with an enticing stage presence, when he strums a six string there’s only one thing guaranteed… face-melting licks that could make the hair of a cobra stand up on all fours.

Marshall Walker – Guitar / Vocals

Marshall Walker – Guitar / Vocals

Marshall is described as a badass, college drop-out with no shadows dark enough to get his shades off, type of guy. Known for his rap flows and hypnotic and spellbinding moves set on stage accompanied with the Devil on his back, as he points to the sky. Y’all never know what this cat may say next. Known for slumbering in his humble chamber, crafting and altering Axe’s delivering more than a sensual desire.

Moose – Drums

Moose – Drums

Moose has been bashing the drums like there’s no tomorrow from the tender age of 12. Described as ‘An annoying little s***’ to all that came into his presence he’s taken that title and run with it and now strives to take the band ‘beyond the horizon’ or ‘onwards and upwards’-you get the drift, leaving no drum stick intact on his journey as he bashes them into oblivion. To this day he is foraging through the woods in search of a sturdy pair of sticks that can withstand his savage pounding.

Naois Boner – Bass

Naois Boner – Bass

Straight out the melting pot of Watford, I spent a lot of time searching for more, the break the bounds of music and find the great white buffalo, the new sound. After years of searching the depths of the sonic shores, I had no luck. Until one day, in the murky expanse a light shone from on high….. a tractor beam pulling me kicking and screaming, fearful of what would become of me. Once on board, I saw it… a badasss purple fur lined interior, somewhere I had never been but felt at home, this was it… VELOUR FOG an intergalactic Cadillac of awesomeness fitted with a hyped up sonic systems so strong it shreds space time.

This was it, this has always been it, the search is over and the journey has just begun