‘Our sound hits harder than a steel chair shot’

Velour Fog’ are a 4 piece British rock band heralding from the outskirts of London, deemed as the next emerging talent, we are the UK’s answer to a new wave of rock.

Serving listeners a fest of stone-cold riffs, tasty licks, rapid guitar shredding, and a smackdown of beats combined with almighty drums and big vocals that get heads banging for all the right reasons.

Formed in 2020, the band is led by frontman, lead guitarist and songwriter, Jake aka ‘Snakebite’ with fingers that flow faster than lightning across the frets, and whose powerhouse vocals are invigorantly intoxicating. Drummer Ali aka ‘Chainsaw Ali’, is the engine room of the band and it’s rhythms, the rock steady backbone giving Velour Fog its intensity and groove. Whilst rhythm guitarist Marshall aka ‘Herculez’ is known for his hypnotic, spell binding and often shocking stage moves. Completing the line-up is Naois Bonar aka ‘Bone’ his skateboarding skills are only surpassed by his bass playing as he lets his fingers do the walking and his tache do the talking.Velour Fog are currently working with the legendary Rock Music Producer Nick Tauber who worked with some of the greats including Thin Lizzy, UFO, Venom and Def Leppard to name just a few.

The band’s influences may be from the 80’s and 90’s greats, but are undoubtedly bringing our own unique sound to this decade and beyond.

With the release of our first single, Black Babylon, which was mastered by the iconic John Davis at Metropolis, Velour Fog have taken Ozzie Osbourne at his word when he quoted

‘You can’t kill rock n roll it’s here to stay.’